The cave, and reading



I’m writing from my tiny workspace – which I shall from today onward call my cave – under my bunk bed now. For a vertically-challenged person like me to not even be able to stand upright in this space, you get the idea of its constraints. Even when I’m seated in front of the desk like I am right now I feel the wooden structure that supports my futon weighing down on me from above my head. I end up having neck aches.

Week 2 of school is over and it’s scary to think about the remaining 13 weeks that will make or break my entire undergraduate life. I feel that I’m struggling a little, from my own expectations. It’s like floating on a old tattered sampan in the middle of the ocean. When a wave comes I hang on barely to the edges of the boat, trying to keep my head above the water and at the same time fighting the coldness of the sea.

I think I exaggerated. I definitely did. So, dramatic.

Thursday is my current favourite day of the week. On Fridays I only have Japanese classes in the morning which I don’t have much to prepare for, so I can have a relatively relaxing Thursday night reading brainless magazines without having a care for the next assignment (temporarily). I’d love to get back to fiction too. Anything to start reading for leisure again.