breakfast & travel

I was looking through my messy folders of film photographs and realised that I have a penchant for taking breakfast photographs when I travel!

Hong Kong



Top: with the girls from my summer exchange in Korea; Bottom: with long-time friend Xia who was studying there

Love it when I travel overseas and get to meet my friends who live there. I get to try their favourite foods while catch-up with them at the same time.

Krabi, Thailand


Went to Krabi alone and had a super refreshing break from a mini heartbreak (hahah). I tried snorkelling for the first time then!

I am (was?) an avid solo traveller but I have come to realise that my taste and preference for travelling are changing as I grow up/start earning my own money. I used to love staying in hostels and meeting new people on my trips. Now, wherever I go I just want a good, relaxing – and luxurious, even – accommodation which itself could stand as the reason for my trip.


FH000020 (1)


Top: Iris-made breakfast at our Airbnb; Bottom: breakfast with Iris and Taco, who was living in Copenhagen for his exchange, at his favourite bakery cafe (super nordic)


61210008 (1)

On the same Denmark trip, with Iris on a “ship” that we stayed in in Stockholm’s Old Town. It was the first stop of our multi-city trip, and this might have been the first breakfast of our weeks-long trip together!



Post-university, visited America for the first time in my life with Yvn! Had this massive breakfast at this cafe (Hollywood Cafe if I’m not wrong) in L.A. The interior and furniture of the cafe were really retro. I liked it! The weather was really nice that morning too. We woke up slightly later so this was technically brunch.

I’m a natural early riser and I love having a good, hearty breakfast to start the day. I’d say that on my travels, breakfast is the meal that I look forward to the most in a day. I believe that a good breakfast promises a good day ahead. And as they say in Mandarin, 一日之计在于晨!

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