my fav singaporean souvenir to buy for friends overseas

… is none other than TWG! It’s elegant and likable (not everyone enjoys laksa-flavoured potato chips or durian cookies) yet doesn’t compromise on the “Singaporean” quality.

I was at Changi Airport’s T4 the other day, when I came upon what I think is Singapore’s largest TWG boutique yet. The store is very spacious, comfortable enough for travellers to lug their luggage around while browsing and for backpackers not to have to turn around gingerly every time in case their bulky backpacks knock something over. The ceiling is at least 4m high and the mirrors on the wall create an illusion of a super wide area. I might have spent a good half an hour in there just enjoying being in that space.

On my last trip to Tokyo, I bought these shortbread cookies for my close friends. They seemed to like them! These packet cookies also really convenient (not too bulky) and light to carry around, and not overly expensive. They’re by far my favourite souvenir to get from Singapore. Come in French Earl Grey, Matcha and Lemon Brush.

There are also TWG macarons which I have not tried. One thing about buying macarons as gifts though, is that they tend to sort of melt. Over some time, they just become soft sugar mushes, so definitely not recommended for long flights unless you have a super good way to store it. I learnt it the hard way trying to bring a box of Ladurée from Paris to London.. Also, not everyone has a sweet tooth.

There are also these TWG chocolates, which I don’t find very appealing as a souvenir from Singapore.

This is the Haute Couture tea collection. This, is the perfect gift for your tea lover friends if you have a higher budget. Not only are the tea of very high quality, some of them are in curious unique flavours (that are not too bizarre) which makes it a special present! For the less adventurous friends, no fret as the classic teas are also available.

What makes them extra special is the tin design. I really like them – some are whimsical, some are beautiful; all right up my alley. It makes them an even better memento as these tins can be re-used as pretty containers or simply to decorate and amp up the kitchen!

In the end, I couldn’t take my pick (it’s hard having to choose which tea to buy AND at the same time decide which packaging is nicer), so I bought the assorted set called Grand Tour for my parents. It’s a two-tier drawer with altogether 12 varieties of teas! My mum’s a coffee person, so the tea’s more for my dad, but the aesthetic value of the tins is definitely for my mum (hahah).

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