awomb kyoto

My colleague (who is in charge of our hotel’s F&B development) recommended me this little lunch stop in Kyoto, AWOMB. It had been starred in my Google Maps for the longest time, but as I was in Kyoto for work I didn’t really look it up again.. So it was a real good thing my colleague reminded me of this place! It was totally worth the pain getting our hotel reception make the reservation for me and my other colleague.

There is only one thing on the menu – the Teorizushi, which is pictured above. As a loser for aesthetics, this really blew me away.

The choice of tableware reminds me of Tanazaki Junichiro’s essay (one of my favourite books of all time) In Praise of Shadows. The rice bowl, soup bowl and the flat plate were all jet black, which really brought out the white of the rice and the colours of the sushi. As for the bowl of clear soup, the blackness that envelopes the liquid brings attention to the single thing that stands out (quite literally too) in the middle of the bowl – the tofu and anago square.

The concept of the shop is to make your own sushi rolls. The sushi ingredients are prepared in mini ‘sets’ and just look how incredibly colourful and appetising they are! The ingredients are very innovative too – who would’ve thought of putting kiwi and octopus together, in a sushi? (But me being an unadventurous eater, I chose to eat the kiwi separately.) Seaweed and white rice are served at the side. Wooden sushi roller and soy sauce brush are also provided for each order.

Some condiments include grounded pepper, garlic flakes, sea salt, dried cranberry and even cream cheese.

I visited to the AWOMB Karasuma Main Shop, but there are other outlets too, each with its own kind of unique tableware and setting choices. In the end, the lunch took longer than expected as we slowly enjoyed the process of making our own temaki sushi.

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