trying to live more sustainably

I’m back with my sustainable lifestyle tips! Not that I’m your most reliable/credible source for this, but I just thought I’d share some little ways I’ve been trying to live better. 🙂

1. Go paperless and plasticless

I don’t print things unless absolutely necessary. I also opt for digital bills and statements from Singtel and my banks. I find it a terrible waste to be receiving these bills and statements in paper when I already regularly monitor and access them on my accounts online. It’s a chore having to deal with papers, especially those with sensitive information. I usually take the extra step to tear the papers before recycling them, but why make the effort when you can just avoid paper altogether?

One thing I’m still trying to get better at is in giving up paper books..

In terms of plastic, it’s been my habit since a long while ago that I will reject plastics whenever I can (i.e. if I’m grocery shopping but have a large enough tote bag with me). I mean, even if I need to carry my bananas in my hands onto the bus, who’s stopping me? (I did that, by the way, #noshame)

2. Recycle more

I have a recycling bin at home and my brother would tell you how irritated I get when he bins recyclable items into the wrong bin. Paper, glass, plastic, everything that’s clean and recyclable will be brought to the recycling bin in my condo’s basement. Tbh sometimes I get skeptical about whether these actually go to the recycling facilities, but I shall have more faith in humankind. I just wish that there are more electronic waste recycling bins around. Really though, if recycling’s still not part of your lifestyle, what are you waiting for??

3. Recycle right

Another pet peeve of mine (apart from when I open the door but someone decides to walk through it before letting me pass because I totally look like a doorman, and apart from when people don’t press the open button and wait for others to enter the elevator, and also apart from slow walkers) is when people put the wrong things into the wrong bins. Hello? How is it that you can’t differentiate paper and plastic?

Also, make sure the items you’re sending to recycle are clean (i.e. rinse your milk cartons and Cola cans before trashing them). It really doesn’t count otherwise.

4. Buy pre-loved items

I just bought a pre-loved GoPro, a beach mat and 3 sets of bikini from Carousell this last month (you can totally tell where I’m going for my next vacation~). I would have loved to buy new pieces from ethical sources but unfortunately I don’t lie in a pile of gold. Yes, they may be secondhand, but most of them are as good as new. Some of these items are even BNWT (brand new with tags!), only the owners don’t fancy them anymore! Do the earth a favour by minimising unwanted wastes. What’s more, you usually end up with some savings as compared to if you have shopped brand new, killing two birds with one stone!

5. Swap out disposables

We all know that stainless steel straws are all the rage now. This is one ‘fad’ I hope will stay. Forever. Just like those stubborn plastic straws we throw away mindlessly everyday. Forever. (lol)

I got my stainless steel straws a few months back and I’m still trying to get used to bringing them around. I’ve since kept a pair in my office for when I have my occasional ice coffee and KOI and another pair at home for any unusual chance I might use them.

My latest purchase is the reusable cotton facial rounds I have been looking high and low for. I use cotton pads even more than straws actually – 2 pieces per day at least. So I figured that it’s an even better investment getting the cotton rounds. I finally found it on thesustainabilityproject and got them immediately, after looking for them for weeks. They’re rather expensive, but let’s hope they last me for a long long time.

Also got a pair of period underwear from Modibodi and I’ll report back once I’ve tried them!

In general, I feel that making the conscious choice to live in a more sustainable fashion and making more deliberate decisions on my consumption has made me a more compassionate person..

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