reflections on hotels


I used to be one of those adventurous spirits who would crash at a hostel on a month-long backpacking journey just to save on cash and to live it out “rough”, as it that was the only way “real” vacations are supposed to be. (No, I have not tried CouchSurfing.)

I’ve made some friends from hostels here and there, created some memorable moments with the pals I travelled with, but none of them life-changing or anywhere close. Pretty much, meh.

And then came a job and the real adult world, and I just no longer want to rough it out with 7 other people when I’m done with my sight-seeing for the day, you know? Maybe it’s because I now earn my own salary, I know I have the ability to spend on myself decently, and heck, I totally deserve to be pampered for working so hard, so why be so frugal to myself?

So my accommodation preferences changed from shared rooms to private rooms, from common toilets with basic amenities to I’m-settling-for-nothing-less-than-a-private-bathtub-with-view-in-my-room.

When I was younger I never really did appreciate the services that we pay so heftily for hotels. But after being in the hospitality industry, I’m starting to get it. These cost really go somewhere. It’s in the little details – the welcome drink, the flowers in your room, how hard your mattresses and pillows are, the quality of your bathrobe etc. And now that I’m also truly an adult (yes, a self-sustainable, financially independent, functional person) I would totally pay for good comfort and service. I don’t even want to lift a finger when I’m on a holiday now.

Slowly, I’ve come to appreciate that hotel rooms can be a destination in itself. Isn’t that precisely why staycations have gained traction here in Singapore? (Plus we’ve got no where else to go lol.) Whether it’s for a sexcation or for a celebration or simply for the pool (infinity, of course) – hotels are now the a vacation destination we dream of, the escape where we are kings and queens.

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