i tried period underwear! 👙

(tmi post ahead, watch out!!)

I got very excited earlier this week when I spotted some red on my underpants (I told you it’s tmi!). My Modibodi period underwear had been sitting in my cupboard for 2 weeks and was finally ready to see the (under)world! 😛

It is legit the most exciting thing happening in my life this week. Says a lot about how unhappening my life is currently haha.

For the uninitiated, period underwear is underwear lined with materials that absorb your menstrual blood so that you can save on sanitary pads and tampons. Much friendlier to our one and only Mother Earth! 🌎 🌍 🌏 I know that there are other brands of period undies out there, but I chose to give Modibodi a try because a) my friend highly recommended it and b) Thinx founder has a pretty bad rep…

First touch thought: what is this super soft thing!? Thumbs up and squeals of disbelief for the very comfortable and breathable material. It’s honestly even softer than the regular underwear I have, although we’ll see how lasting the quality is after a few washes.

What makes the underwear period-friendly (from Modibodi’s website):


My honest opinion

  • They really meant it when they say that the bottom layer is extra waterproof. I kept checking throughout my first day for leaks but it was absolutely clean and dry under. Zero seepage.
  • The middle layer absorbed my blood just like a regular pad, it’s quite amazing! I have to confess that my flow is not usually heavy, so I’m not sure if it’d hold as well if you tend to discharge more…
  • The top layer though, while I stayed fresh, I wasn’t as dry as I hoped I’d be. It’s similar to the pad – there’s bound to be a thin layer of blood that is yet to be absorbed into the material. Good thing the lining was black, so it didn’t look as icky (though we girls have gotten used to it already) as the pool of blood on white pads.
  • Overall, no foul smell + extremely comfortable (it feels like you’re wearing a normal underwear, just a little thicker than what you’re used to, and you can cross legs without feeling awkward) = YAS APPROVED

Getting down and dirty: the washing

When considering sustainable alternatives for my monthly visitor, I was really apprehensive about seeing blood. While I won’t faint, I definitely don’t like the sight of it. Even violent scenes in movies make me squirm. Biology classes about blood circulation made me very uneasy.

Which was why menstrual cups were 100% out of the question for me. The fluid, at the tip of your fingers, swirling in a tiny silicone cup… 😰

The good thing about Modibodi’s period underwear is that you can simply rinse it and then throw it into the machine for a round of cold wash. Easy peasy! I thought that the washing would cause me some distress, but it went way better than I expected. I simply laid the underwear down on the bathroom floor and sprayed it with my shower head. It took no more than 2 minutes before the water became clear, which meant that all the blood that was absorbed into the middle layer was removed! I then simply have to pop it into the washing machine, and dry them under strong sun.


I’d say that period underwear is a great alternative to pads and tampons. It’s hard to believe that being environmentally-friendly can be so easy (and it’s really getting easier!) I’m definitely liking it so far. I have 2 pairs now, but I’m seriously considering getting another 1 or 2 more, so that I can use it throughout my entire cycle.

I spent a little more than $60 for 2 pairs (free shipping with minimum purchase), and assuming I use it once for each cycle, I will use it 13 times in a year. Let’s say the undies last me 2 years minimum, 1 pair will have at least 26 turns. So that’s roughly $1 for each wear.. Not cheap, but worth the comfort and environmental care. (Of course, with delicate care, I hope to use it for more than 2 years if possible!)

3 thoughts on “i tried period underwear! 👙”

  1. Thanks so much for this post. I’ve been meaning to get a reusable pad/liner to help Mother Earth! I’m going to look into modibodi. Where does the product ship from?


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