bali bali bali

While the scent of coconut massage oil is still lingering in my hair and, subtly, on my skin, let me quickly recount the Bali trip I just came back from yesterday!

Day One

Weather was more than perfect when we arrived in Denpasar, contrary to what the weather forecast had warned us. It remained bright and sunny until the day we went home – what a blessing!

We took it easy on day one, keeping ourselves busy with lots of photo-taking in the super photogenic KYND Community cafe and Motel Mexicola.

Day Two

Day two started with some fun at Bali Swing and then a surprise 1+ hour trek in Tegallalang Rice Field. We entered from a less crowded entrance and had to make our way through difficult paths (and also fight naked chickens) to the other end, where all the photo spots are…

Folk Pool and Gardens was the highlight of the day. The Seriously Good Fried Rice was SERIOUSLY GOOD. Legit, the best nasi goreng I’ve tried in my life. The place was surprisingly empty for a Sunday afternoon, but not complaining because that was great for an uninterrupted reading time.

Day Three

Woke up at 2:15am for the sunrise hike to Mount Batur on this day. The trek wasn’t difficult per se, but it was very steep! Practised the art of doing nothing by sleeping lots on long car rides and chilling at OMNIA after. The 7-course dinner at Cuca later at night was amazing, although we were so tired and sleepy, we were rushing the waitresses to clear half-eaten plates toward the end.

Day Four

Spent the day at Nusa Penida, a 40-minute boat ride away from Bali. It was raining in Bali but the skies at Nusa Penida were blue and clear. We snorkeled for a bit, but the choppy waves only created knots in our heads.. The bumpy car ride sure didn’t help. We were greeted by these beautiful sights though, so I guess it was all worth it!

Andd like all good things, our trip came to an end. There’s so much to see in Bali, I am starting to understand why people spend months (or like G’s friend, years) staying on the island. Be back soon!

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