hello bello

In between the moments I booked my flights to Bellingen and actually arrived here, I made a lot of ambitious plans for myself. Where to go, what to eat, things to do. The list kept growing as I was nearing my departure date, but eventually came to a standstill as the days left to leave approached single digit.

And now I am here, while my book of list lies quietly in my suitcase, unopened.

Granted, it is only day 2, although I felt like I have settled in for a week already. People here are so, so, so nice. And they all have got these incredible stories with them. There’s a hippie from Belgium who is just so interesting and.. alternative. He took a course on Kahuna bodyworks (some kind of Hawaiian massage?) and has been giving out flyers in the guesthouse and around town to practise on willing Bellingers, who’d in turn donate for his services. I’m skeptical about his skills, and I’ve got more than enough share of massages from my trips to Bali and Batam this month lol, so I’m good. He was also telling me about a nudist camp in France that he attended. Yup.

I also met a British girl who was born in Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford (!) and we immediately formed a bond. We shared the girls’ dorm together last night and she left for Sydney this morning. I wish we could have spent more time together. She was Head of Digital at an insurance firm in London before deciding to quit and travel for 6 (going 7 now) weeks in Australia, and then maybe, landing a job in Sydney in the upcoming months. She doesn’t know. She’s still figuring things out as she goes and I honestly don’t think I can ever be as brave as she is. It takes a certain kind of headspace to make such a bold move, when you already have such a stable career and in an industry that you care to continue.

Then there’s L, who picked me up from the airport to the YHA. I have heard about her from the reviews on Workaway and everyone held a unanimous opinion that she is the sweetest manager. Unfortunately for me, my arrival day was also her last day at the guesthouse. She’s leaving the country to Jordan to be with her Jordanian partner. Like, wow?

So yeah, as you can see, so far I have been inspired by the people I meet in Bello. Everyone’s living it out, bohemian or not. It’s only day 2 but I’m welcoming with open arms everything that will come my way in the next 25 days or so.

Not to mention, the guesthouse is just charming. I did yoga and meditation on the decks this morning (where W had also set up his makeshift massage parlour equipped with a massage table he got online) and I’m just so grateful to be here. Just reading, watching some Netflix, eating a lot (gotta admit that my appetite EXPANDED after arriving in Aussie, but also proud to announce that my bowel movements have been tip-top!), talking to people, listening to music, writing, enjoying, breathing.

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