dinner parties

I think European dinner parties – decidedly different from Asian potluck parties – are lovely. I love coming to a friend’s house with a bottle of red wine in tow, enjoying the beautiful dinner painstakingly made by the host, having conversations over soft background music – and breaking into songs together at the most random moments – in a dim, candle-lit room. Yes, it is as romantic and pretentious as I’m making it sound haha.

My first “dinner party” was in Denmark when Taco invited Iris and I to join his friend’s house party one evening in Copenhagen. We didn’t know her, but we were welcomed to her place like her old friends.

We just had a dinner party at Tess’ and that was really, really beautiful. She made us Dutch pancakes and John brought wine (my contribution was post-dinner cleaning) which we poured into a pretentious decanter (it was a AUD10 wine that left a horrible aftertaste..) to share.

We had a great time listening to the most obscure French erotic music (😂😂😂), eating, grooving/dancing, chatting, making inappropriate jokes, laughing and drinking. I had a really good time. I’m glad I found them on this trip. Our next dinner party shall be quiche-making!

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