sustainable coffee runs

I have talked quite a bit about sustainable living here. It’s just something I have been subscribing to since forever. Right now, I’m trying to reduce my use of just stuff in general and to upcycle things as much as I can, rather than simply recycle. I can’t say I know the recycling industry well, but I am growing a little skeptical of it, you know. Does the waste in my recycling bin actually get recycled?? 🤔

I think everyone has a responsibility to take care of the planet, in ways and capacity one can manage or one’s lifestyle allows. I am not quite willing to give up on meat (although I am slowly cutting down – I only had chicken twice since I arrived in Bello, and that is the only meat I have had!) but I think I can play my part to contribute to a better earth through limiting waste and buying from more ethical and sustainable sources, in the case of fashion.

I went to the community market today and I absolutely loved it! Great music, dancing families, organic produce, beautiful craftwork and simply good vibes aside, I am so happy to see sustainable habits so ingrained in this community! There were people selling secondhand clothes and products for a kinder environment like beeswax food wraps (to replace cling wraps, I got mine from Dorrigo at a much better price and in much better looking patterns!) and eco cups. I also got myself a pair of earrings from a very sweet lady who makes them from pre-loved lace and crochet from doilies and treats them with a glue-like material to make them water-proof to combat rainy days. What a great upcycling idea. Love!

What I observed was the most beautiful and mind-blowing thing today, though, is how it is just a no-brainer for people to bring their own mugs from home to get coffee. Not just the typical reusable glass coffee cups or plastic bottles or stainless steel thermos, but actual porcelain mugs!


Do you see them?? There are also those reusable cups for sure, and paper cups with biodegradable lids. But those mugs??? I love this so much! Imagine if I go up to a barista in Singapore and asked for coffee while passing them my mug. I am quite sure that I will be returned with a WTF look..

There were even sinks at the market, by the way, for (1) rinsing and (2) washing and (3) storing for sterilisation by the waiters. It was meant for you to wash the dishes you eat from – yes, the food stall at the market (a market!) served food in real, porcelain plates. Way to go, really! I figure you could wash your coffee mugs there too.

Anyway, I bought one of those eco cups you see in the photo today (not the glass ones, I like to be different from everyone else) and I can’t wait to bring them on my coffee trips back home!

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