travelling at 20 vs at 25

2 ways my travel style has changed since 5 years ago:

Awkward turtle vs social butterfly

I used to be quite shy and anti-social, and in retrospect, I can’t explain it other than low self-confidence. I have come a long way since and have learnt to trust myself much more now.

It’s not that I never say hi to people I share bunk beds with in dormitories back when I was travelling as a 20 year-old. I did, but I never really connect with them proper. Greetings were usually the end of the conversation. Throughout my entire career backpacking Europe, I have only made one friend, a Korean I met in Firenze. Moreover, I tended to befriend only people I felt comfortable with aka people from a similar background as mine i.e. young, student, female, Asian.

But today, I’m getting chummy with people young and old, from Switzerland to Israel, from meditation skeptics to serious alien believers (yeah.) I’ve somehow grown to become the girl who brings other girls to parties and introduces them to new people.. Is this growth? Haha.

Cheapskate vs spending more for quality

The other day, I was having red wine with Mon before heading off to the Brewery for more drinks and dancing. I was finishing up on a Taylor’s merlot that I bought for myself when Mon joined me, and she told me proudly about how she got her wine for $3 a bottle. Mariam (30s) looked at her and asked, “How can you put that into your body!?”

Mine was $17. But at least it tastes good.

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