2019, 52 Medium posts

Happy New Year! For me, 2018 was a tough ride, especially toward the latter half of the year. Nevertheless, it made me realise how much I am loved by my beautiful friends, who were there to give me courage and (emotional) strength, and had faith in me and my life decisions, sometimes more than I do.

Last year, I made a commitment to read at least 20 books. I managed to read 43! This year, I am determined to write 1 Medium blog post a week. I foresee many “missed” posts, but by the end of 2019, I promise to have 52 posts (at least)!

While this blog is a largely personal space for me to write freely, there are times when I feel like sharing some of my thoughts with more people who might care to read. I am encouraged by the most loving friends who do not follow me on WP (because they don’t have a WP account) but still check in every now and then to read my written thoughts. I am glad that some of my word vomits were enjoyable and resonated with you.

I want to use this chance to overcome my need for perfection. I am one of those people who need things to be polished and perfect before I am willing to show it to the world. But I need to remind myself that everyone and every piece of writing is a work in progress and I am allowed to be less than 100%, because only then can I actually learn and improve.

To a better 2019, with bigger goals and a bigger heart (to myself and to others).

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