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Art jamming at Splat Paint House

A few weekends ago, I went on a double date with Kevin and his friends, a much welcome change to my weekend routine. Splat Paint House is a pop-up splatter paint studio housed in MOX in Katong (only the most exciting co-working space around, in my favourite neighbourhood in Singapore!)

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The walls at Splat Paint House are covered with paint, transforming into an inviting space that’s ready for you to flex your creative muscles. I particularly loved the corner by the windows. When the afternoon light streamed in, it became an even more inspiring area to work in. Check out those adorable smiley octopus shadows from the paint on the window! It seems like the studio has moved into another space in MOX since, though, so no promises about the windows.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

It was my first painting since I dare say, 7 years ago. That was when Artestiq was still a novel idea. I don’t fancy painting that much to be honest, because I don’t like the mess that painting creates and the cleaning up after. That’s why this place is right up my alley; I can make as much mess as I want sans the chore! We even donned white coveralls, shoe covers and gloves so there were no worries about getting dirty. Though, the material of the coveralls is thin, so I would still suggest against being cheeky and pouring paint onto yourself/your friends.

Splat Paint House appears to have extended its availability to 28th October (was 16th August), I’m guessing due to overwhelming demand. It’s an activity for everyone after all – families, couples, friends, or even by yourself. It can get crowded, which can be off-putting if you don’t like people intruding into you and your friend’s creative bubble and interrupting your meditative flow while painting, so choosing an odd hour to visit might be a good idea.

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