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The Most Sustainable Decoration?

We’re about a week away to Christmas and if you have yet to start assembling your Christmas tree and decorating your home/office, well, you’re already late!

I love decorating spaces. Whether it is my home or my office, I love adding that personal touch to make where I work and live that little bit cosier. Festive seasons excite me because there’s a theme I can play around with. Christmas? Think santa, Christmas tree, presents, snowflakes, reindeer, snowman, crackers, baubles and tinsels!

Yet, precisely because it is so seasonal, I hate purchasing dedicated ornaments. Festive ornaments are hardly versatile, they can only be reused in another year’s time when the same holiday comes around. If not kept away in storage, taking up space and left to be forgotten, they go straight into the bin once the festivities are over, never seeing light again.

So I didn’t want to buy any decorations for Christmas this year, because I didn’t want to store nor waste resources. I went to Pinterest to get some inspiration, and while scrolling, it hit me –

Origami is the answer. 


Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, fundamentally needs just one material, and it is recyclable: paper. (Go for your newspapers and waste papers, give them a second life.) Minimal tape and glue, if any even. With a few folds and twists, viola, the flower is blooming. Play with your imagination and the possibilities are infinite!

Here are 7 ideas for a ho-ho-holly Christmas!

  1. Star garland
  2. Christmas baubles
  3. Origami Santa Claus
  4. Christmas wreath
  5. Paper reindeer
  6. Gift boxes
  7. Adorable penguin

In lieu of Chinese New Year that is arriving very soon in January 2020, I have also picked up some cool projects you might be interested in, some reusing old ang paos:

  1. Paper cai shen ye
  2. Fortune cookies
  3. Mandarin orange ornaments
  4. Kusudama lantern
  5. Koi fish 

Time to get crafty and welcome the holidays with a spirit of sustainability!

Pro tip: if need be, go for staples over tape or glue. In Singapore, our incinerators have magnets to pick up and recycle metals. It might be marginal help, but it’s help nonetheless.

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