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2020 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the last day of 2019, have you achieved all that you set out to accomplish this year? I know I haven’t. My main goal this year was to write and publish a work on a weekly basis. That fell completely out of plan. BUT, I did meet two of my other goals for the year: make more art and start an investment portfolio.

I find having new year’s resolution really helpful in determining the direction of your new year. After all, new year, new you! It’s a chance to start off again, this time on the right foot. My tip is to pick just the top few (perhaps three?) things you want to work on for the year, and keep them simple and achievable. Write them somewhere to remind you throughout the year, the targets you set off to score.

Here are my three intentions for 2020:

Less food delivery, more home-cooked meals

A scroll through my GrabFood history shows me that I order food delivery on an average of six times in a month. That is quite a lot for someone who works five days a week (I don’t order food delivery at work)! I admit that this year, I gave in to my food cravings all the time, chasing instant gratification over and over again, despite feeling a little guilty after the meal. Food delivery not only made me spend more, they also made me a lazy ass.

This new year, I aim to break this bad habit!

Not only that, I will strive to cook more at home, with thoughtful recipes and wisely chosen ingredients. I will opt for a healthier diet that consists of more vegetables, legumes, nuts and fruits (going for organic or local produces as much as I can) and less processed foods and meats.

Volunteer regularly

I started volunteering a little more this year, on causes that struck a chord with me. These include a beach cleanup with Seven Clean Seas and Ground Zero Festival with Back to Ground Zero. I have also donated more than I ever have this year to various charities throughout the year.

Volunteering has many benefits, among which it makes one feel good about his/her actions and increase happiness. This 2020, I hope to dedicate time to volunteer on a more regular basis. I wish to be more in tune and engaged with my community, to give back and share what I can, in areas that I feel most strongly about. It’s always a joy to be of help, and remember, happiness begets happiness.

Write consistently

This has been on my resolutions list for a few years in a row now, but I never seem to achieve it to the extent that I want to. The ultimate goal is actually to create a secondary income that is stable and recurring through writing. However, I have always been waiting for writing assignments to land on my lap instead of actively pursuing projects myself. Clients are far and few between, and the lack of projects have also made my portfolio increasingly outdated and time passes by.

This year, starting from this blog, I vow to write consistently. I will refrain from jumping the gun and expect work to roll in immediately, but I will use this as a platform to exercise my writing and thinking muscles, and at the same time focus on the topics that I care about, primarily on sustainability and conscious living. To write well, I will keep in mind that I need to read more.

Here’s wishing you a Happy, Happy New Year!

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