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Shopping for Groceries with treatsure

Look ma, I’m on ST! >>> Changing food habits amid Covid-19

Among the many everyday norms that have changed as a result of the ongoing pandemic, one that affected me greatly is my grocery shopping habit. What used to be a twice-a-week routine became a fortnightly one in the first month of Circuit Breaker, and by the time the extension of CB was announced, the joy of grocery shopping in a supermarket had slowly seeped away as I became more wary about being in a confined public space.

And then I chanced upon treatsure!

treatsure strives to minimise food waste. It’s as simple and straightforward as that – they save surplus food from merchants such as UglyFood and UnPackt, and redistribute them to customers:


Besides grocery suppliers, treatsure’s other key merchants include hotels like Grand Hyatt, Fairmont and Swissotel The Stamford, who supply excess buffet food in bentos called “treatsure box” or plainly “buffet-in-a-box”.

I have used RedMart before and I was not impressed when my carrots came black and half rotten. To be honest, I had little expectations for treatsure when I first started using it. Afterall, these foods are rescued foods that no one else wanted. The UI of the app left much to be desired as well, and the ordering and payment process is far from automated. Yet, a $4.90 delivery fee ($5.90 for orders below $20) is reasonable and fair enough for a first try.

A month and 4 deliveries later, it is safe to say that treatsure is now a main stay in my new norm. I haven’t had any issues with any of my orders so far and their customer service has been personable. Despite the limited types of food that they offer at the moment (hotel partners, for example, are not participating as much during this tough time), there is a subtle change in variety on a weekly basis and that is good enough for someone like me who cooks for one.

In fact, I am also made to exercise my creativity to work with and around what’s available. Pomegranate appeared first in a while this week, and today I made pomegranate fizz, something I would not have normally attempted. And boy, was it good and refreshing!

Food also sure tastes better when it’s made with completely perfect surplus food you have saved. It’s such a simple and easy contribution to sustainability that at the same time, reminds me to be mindful of what I buy and eat.

I still shop for items such as milk and pasta, which are not stocked by treatsure currently, at the supermarket. I make my grocery run a quick one, armed with mask, sanitiser, reusable bags and a to-buy list. But I am looking forward to more merchants discovering the value of redistributing their food excesses and joining hands with treatsure to reduce food wastage and deliver more variety to treatsure’s users!

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