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Packing for A More Eco-Conscious Vacation

When we are on holiday, we may have the tendency to cut ourselves some slack with our diet and spending habits. If there’s one thing we should not compromise, however, it’s our sustainable practices. Considering the carbon footprint our plane ride might have left on the planet, it’s even more necessary that we take intentional steps to lower our environmental impact in other ways. Here are a few for starters: Refillable water bottle More often than not we end up buying plastic water bottles while we are travelling. Or perhaps it is what the hotel or travel agency provided. Now that’s not going to solve the plastic crisis we are facing. Bringing your own water bottle really helps to reduce plastic consumption and waste, and help manage pollution, especially in places that are nearby rivers and beaches. No excuses for being in areas where tap water is not safe; it’s not that difficult to boil your own water. I notice that in recent years, some hotels have started to provide potable water in reusable glass …

swimming with sharks and mantas

I had always been kind of afraid of seawater. When I went snorkelling for the first time two years ago, on a whim after my first real heartbreak (“I need to do something crazy to make me feel better about myself”), it was a personal breakthrough. Since then, snorkelling became something special to me. Sort of like my own self-care hack. I was in Fiji last month and I just couldn’t pass up on swimming with some sharks and mantas. In my previous snorkel experiences, I had only seen small fishes. The swims in Fiji really took it up many many many notches. I am still reeling in awe of the clear waters and rich marine life in Fiji. Snorkelling has really opened up a whole new (underwater) world to me. Being so close to these creatures made my heart sing. Maybe, just maybe, diving is what I am going to.. dive into next.